Publications & Team

Current Research

He currently leads a team conducting a national study considering the relative effectiveness of the juvenile secure estate for the YJB as well as a study of EU drug markets and the national evaluation of the Offender Engagement Programme for the National Offender Management Service.

Background and Expertise

Paul has over 20 years' experience of researching criminal policy for a range of government departments and non-governmental organisations. In his early career he primarily conducted research on illicit drug use, drug using offender populations and the criminal justice system. More recently he has undertaken a range of projects looking at the quality and effectiveness of services within the criminal justice system and intervention targeted at offenders.

He is a member of the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs working group on poly drug use and the EMCDDA working group on drug law enforcement.


Enforcement Strategies of Drug Control

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Feasibility of conducting an impact evaluation of the Dedicated Drug Court pilot

Drug Interventions Programme: neither success nor failure?

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Evidence-based practice? The National Probation Service’s work with alcohol misusing offenders

Drug Intervention Programme

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The Great Cannabis Classification Debacle: What are the likely consequences for policing cannabis possession in England and Wales?

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Brokerage Teams: an evaluation of the PS Plus 3 programme

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The treatment and supervision of drug-dependent offenders

Therapeutic alternatives to imprisonment for drug dependent offenders

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