Emily Setty

Dr Emily Setty


Emily joined ICPR in October 2017 to work on a project exploring participation in the courts and tribunals in England and Wales. Emily had previously completed a PhD at the University of Surrey exploring ‘sexting’ among young people, which involved qualitative interviews with young people aged 14 to 18 about their experiences of producing and sharing sexual images and messages. Her PhD can be found here and she has recently had published an article exploring young women’s experiences of youth sexting culture (Setty, E. (2018) ‘Meanings of bodily and sexual expression in youth sexting culture: young women’s negotiation of gendered risks and harms’, Sex Roles, which can be read here.

Emily has also previously conducted research on gangs and youth violence for Catch22 Dawes Unit, including an investigation of gangs and gang activity in Bristol for Bristol County Council, an exploration of the nature and impact of gang involvement among prisoners in a London prison, and a study of the support available to families of gang-involved young people in England and Wales. She has also worked as a social researcher for the Ministry of Justice, conducting research to support government policy-making and practice on criminal justice sentencing. Emily has recently worked on an evaluation of a criminal justice diversionary programme for women offenders.