Publications & Team

Current Research

Mike formally retired from ICPR in September 2016, but continues to have close links to the institute as a Visiting Professor in the School of Law. Procedural justice theory remains a strong research interest, and he is also involved in ICPR's evaluation of the College of Policing's What Works Centre for Reducing Crime. He is a member of the Steering Committee of the International Self-report Delinquency Study, and is the Principal Investigator for the UK part of this project.

Background and Expertise

Mike Hough started his research career in the Home Office, and was a member of the team that started the British Crime Survey. Leaving in 1994, he set up an academic policy research centre. This was originally based at London South Bank University; it moved to King's College London in 2003, and to Birkbeck, University of London, in 2010.

Mike Hough's current research interests include: procedural justice theory and public trust in justice; public perceptions of crime and justice; policing and police legitimacy; sentencing and sentencing guidelines; offender rehabilitation and desistance (and its evaluation).


A profile of youth crime in Nottingham City

Crime and Criminal Justice: Exploring the Policy Options

  • Author(s) Hough, M. and Roberts, J. V.
  • SubjectCriminal justice agencies and services
  • Year2009
  • LocationBasingstoke
  • Publisher/PublicationPalgrave Macmillan
  • Misc infoIn V. Uberoi, A. Coutts, I. McClean, D. Halpern (eds.) Option for a New Britain

Comparisons between survey estimates of crime & crimes recorded by the police: the UK position

  • Author(s) Hough, M. and Norris, P.
  • SubjectCriminological research methods
  • Year2009
  • LocationBrussells
  • Publisher/PublicationVUBpress
  • Misc infoin P. Robert (ed.) Comparing Crime Data in Europe

A Sentencing Council for England and Wales

  • Author(s) Hough, M. and Jacobson, J.
  • SubjectCourts, sentencing and attitudes to justice
  • Year2009
  • LocationLondon
  • Publisher/PublicationCriminal Justice Alliance
  • Misc infoin J. Collins and S. Siddiqui (eds.) Transforming Justice
  • Downloadstransformingjustice.pdf

Public Attitudes to the Principles of Sentencing

Public opinion and the jury: an international literature review

  • Author(s) Roberts, J. V. and Hough, M.
  • SubjectCourts, sentencing and attitudes to justice
  • Year2009
  • LocationLondon
  • Publisher/PublicationMinistry of Justice Research Series 1/09
  • Misc infoAn interational literature review
  • DownloadsJuries MOJ report.pdf

Public Attitudes to Sentencing Purposes and Sentencing Factors: An Empirical Analysis

  • Author(s) Roberts, J. V., Hough, M.,  Jacobson, J. and Moon, N.
  • SubjectCourts, sentencing and attitudes to justice
  • Year2009
  • Publisher/PublicationCriminal Law Review, 11: 772-782

The St Giles Trust Peer Advice Project: An Evaluation

Why tackle anti-social behaviour?

  • Author(s) Jacobson, J., Millie, A. and  Hough, M.
  • SubjectCrime and the community
  • Year2008
  • LocationBristol
  • Publisher/PublicationPolicy Press
  • Misc infoIn P. Squires (ed.) ASBO Nation: The criminalisation of nuisance

Recherches sur la victimation et l’insécurité en Grande-Bretagne

  • Author(s) Hough, M.
  • SubjectCrime and the community
  • Year2008
  • LocationParis
  • Publisher/Publicationl'Harmattan
  • Misc infoIn R. Zauberman, Victimation et l’insécurité en Europe